Celebration of Trails

The benefits of Hiking and Celebrating Trails

Going for an outdoor hike or trail blazing can be fun, but it also is a great way to keep healthy. Being in shape is the key to avoiding many complications physically, especially as human beings get on in years.

Each time that you go outside to get moving and walking, you will return feeling better than when you left. It is a fact, you don't have to do anything special or put any impossible effort into it. Improving your fitness and hiking is a great way to increase your energy levels. Walking and hiking are have numerous health benefits, all of which can be achieved by anyone who engages in these activities.

After walking in the outdoors, especially when hiking in nature or along less populated trails, everything improves within your physical body. It is true. Your body will start feeling somewhat better. Your head begins to feel clear again, and your stress level will have decreased.

For years, studies comparing exercise to physical and mental health. Truly beneficial exercise does not need to become overly engaged with using excessive, painful or physically boring workouts. A healthy routine for anyone can include brisk 30 minute periods of hiking outdoors almost anywhere. The trails of a mountain preserve, a local recreational area or even a dog park will do. Don't over think it. This can cause people to have unrealistic expectations, a consistent half hour hike will do far more good.
Hiking benefits range from improving lung strength, recovery from injuries, increasing endurance, heart disease regulation, and controllingobesity.

Hiking-TrailsMany people suffer from obesity and the numbers are always increasing. Walking is one of the best ways to combat being over weight and get positive consistent results. The combination of cardio exercise with daily amounts of hiking or trail blazing is a winning combo all around. This is true of adults and children. In most cities, there are community walkways, back streets and common trails to use, encouraging all ages to keep in good physical condition. So it is important to try to take full advantage of such places, so that you can be in the outdoors, even when confined to the limits of your own city boundaries.

More than 2,600 Americans die from cardiovascular diseases daily. Approximately one person dies from any combination of heart conditions and lifestyle choices every 30 seconds. Heart problems arecaused by more than simple lack of activity, but the chances of avoiding such conditions increases with regular walking and outdoor exercise regiments.

Hikers decrease cholesterol levels, a common heart disease complication.

It actuallyincreases high-density lipoprotein or the good cholesterol production within the body.Hypertension impacts millions of American people. Research shows all exercise such as walking lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure also.

Depression and stress are common problems that benefit from walking or hiking daily.

Because such activities give an outlet to release tension, both physically and mentally.Walking causes the release of calming brain chemicals called endorphins acting like all naturaltranquilizers. Also, such basic exercise lets the body release adrenaline. If there isn't enough adrenaline within the body at any time, muscle tension, panic attacks and higher levels of anxiety can occur.

It is possible to stave back the onset of arthritis, osteoporosis and other joint pains through walking and similar exercises.The health benefits of hiking are never more apparent than with joint pain, especially in the legs. People with arthritis in their knees or ankles benefit greatly from the development of strong leg muscles, this helps to relieve pain that maybe caused by rubbing of bones together, but also lack of cartilage. Walking and hiking seem to have a natural tranquilizing impact on arthritic problem areas. In any case, walking helps decrease arthritic pain throughout the body.

In many ways, walking and hiking maybe the best way to slow the aging process.

An article in the April 2001 American Journal of Public Health said that, "the relationship between reduced mortality risk and moderate recreational activity. A study of two groups of 15 middle agedmen was conducted between 1969 and 1992, during which time one group exercised regularly, while the other groupexercised for the first five years and then stopped. When researchers tested these men at the end of the 23 years, theyfound that the non-exercisers lost 41 percent of their aerobic power, while the exercisers lost only 13 percent."

The fact us that it isn't age that causes us to be less healthy. It is the lesser amount of activity that we are involved that does.Aging doesn’t decrease the body’s ability to be physically active and healthy, but it is by living an inactive and unhealthy life that does. So bad choices inlifestyle accelerate the aging process. All the more reason, that walking is a great way to exercise into the twilight years, because it can be done by any person, any gender or any age groups.

One other area that walking and hiking outdoors are particularly beneficial with, happens to be in the life long prevention, maintenance and controlling of diabetes. For those with diabetes the body breaks down and uses sugars and starches up. Often this is controlled by insulin injection, a hormone that helps store more glucose for the body to use. Being over weight can also be a huge factor in the treatment of diabetes, so it is extremely important to keep yourself physically fit. If the body is not having to work so hard, it maybe possible to keep diabetes in check, or at least deal with it more easily. So walking, outdoor hiking and trail blazing might just be the medicine needed to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

With all these possible health benefits, there is no excuse not to make the most of life and take a hike.

You heard it right.
Go for a hike and get into the groove. It is a simple and effective lifestyle choice for anyone that wants to improve their overall health. It is a sure way to positively influence your body and state of mind, because hiking offers a holistic workout. The mind body connection is fully realized by going outdoors for regular exercise.


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